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Pro Beach Volleyball Tour News and Notes

When is the Pro Tour headed to your area? Which teams are leading the tour? Who will qualify for the Olympics? Check this page for information about pro beach volleyball including player profiles, national and international tournaments and upcoming events.

AVP Championships Crowns New Winners
A litany of upsets highlighted the AVP's final tournament of the summer, the AVP Championships in Huntington Beach. It was not a great weekend for the top seeds, as team after team fell out of the playoffs with uncharacteristic losses. It made for a final match up on both the men's and women's sides that we haven't seen all year long.

Jake and Casey Revitalize AVP Tour
Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson are a throw back to the old days of beach volleyball. Their infusion of energy and personality has revitalized the AVP Tour and they are enjoying every minute of it.

The Journey Begins for Kerri and April
Kerri and Misty. Jen and April. These names have been so intertwined together for beach volleyball fans that they now roll easily off the tongue. Well, beach volleyball opened a new chapter last weekend at the AVP’s Santa Barbara Open – the chapter of Kerri and April. Get used to it.

Kerri and April Join Forces
Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross knew they would be pairing up even before the last ball dropped in London. After a year of playing with different partners, they've finally teamed up and are ready to make a run for Rio in 2016. Here's how the whole thing came about and how the two are thinking about this new partnership.

AVP Santa Barbara 2013
It was an eventful weekend in Santa Barbara as the sixth of the AVP's seven 2013 events saw the debut of America's new power team on the women's side as Kerri and April joined forces and are ready for the journey to Rio in 2016. Jake and Casey are the new No. 1 on the men's side and won their fourth straight event with a very exciting two set victory over John Hyden and Tri Bourne.

Throw Back Manhattan Beach Open - 2013
The AVP's 2013 Manhattan Beach Open brought back some nostalgia of days gone by. The smaller scale was marketed not as a step back for the sport, but a throw back for the fans.

Manhattan Beach Open
The Manhattan Beach Open is the most prestigious event in pro beach volleyball. A win at what the players call beach volleyball's Wimbledon or the "Grandaddy of Them All" brings immortality in the sport as the winner's names are forever engraved on the city's pier. Check out the news and results from the most recent Manhattan Beach Open events.

Fans of Beach Volleyball Should Let AVP/NVL Drama Play Out
The AVP and NVL are the last two domestic pro beach tours standing. Cue the controversy as both hold events on the same weekend. Pro beach player Ryan Doherty weighed in on the "exclusive" contract controversy in his blog this week. But fans would do well not to take sides just yet.

Capping a Great Career
Matt Fuerbringer came out of retirement to help his old partner Casey Jennings get a good finish in the sport's biggest tournament. But he ended up getting the immortality he never was able to achieve before by toppling the No. 1 team and finally getting his name etched in the pier.

Good Vibrations
For the first time in ten years, international pro beach volleyball found its way back to the United States. The World Series of Beach Volleyball in Long Beach, CA, brought back memories for So Cal fans. Now the task at hand is to keep it going.

Beach Volleyball Schedule Sparks Controversy
The AVP published its 2013 schedule. Though that sounds innocuous it led to a firestorm of controversy on social media.

2013 Pro Beach Volleyball Schedule
Check out the dates, locations and results for the 2013 professional beach volleyball season. Here you will find all the listing for events hosted by FIVB, Jose Cuervo, AVP and NVL as they are announced.

New AVP Owner Donald Sun
Donald Sun stepped in to buy the AVP in 2012, two years after the Tour declared bankruptcy. Here is some information on the new owner including his background and a couple of Q and As leading up to his first two events in Cincinnati and Santa Barbara in 2012.

2013 Pro Beach Volleyball
As beach volleyball finds its way back from bankruptcy, two tours remain in operation - the AVP and the NVL. The season started with scheduling conflict controversies, but both are making it work. With the addition of the first international beach volleyball tournament in the U.S. in ten years - the World Series of Beach Volleyball - it appears that pro beach volleyball may just be on its way back. Here are the articles, news and results from the 2013 season of pro beach volleyball.

Former AVP Owner Drops Lawsuit
Nick Lewin is officially letting go. Yes, he sold the AVP property to Donald Sun, who is now at the helm and working to revive it. But there was one more piece of the puzzle that Lewin had his hands in. DFA PVA II Partners LLC, the Lewin-owned company that bought the AVP out of bankruptcy, made the decision to file suit against USAV, IMG, The...

Geeter Come Home
Chris McGee was just hired to be the studio anchor for Laker games on the new Time Warner Cable SportsNet channel. Looks like that means we won't see much of him in beach volleyball anytime soon.

AVP's Completes 2012 Comeback with Santa Barbara Event
The AVP debuted with two tournaments in 2012. I had a chance to check out the Santa Barbara event in person and get a feel for the New AVP. Here are my thoughts on the event as I saw it.

Q & A with Misty May-Treanor
Part I of my interview with Misty May-Treanor as Misty discusses her decision to postpone retirement and go for her third gold medal in London with partner Kerri Walsh. Misty has announced that London will be her last event before she moves on with the next phase of her life. Also check out where Misty talks about the state of beach volleyball...

Q & A with Misty May-Treanor
Misty May-Treanor has announced that London will be her last event before she moves on with the next phase of her life. Here are her thoughts on going for her third gold medal with Kerri Walsh and what her plans are for the future.

Checking in With the AVP - Q & A with the new AVP Owner
Q & A with Donald Sun Three Months In

Checking in With the AVP
Checking in with the AVP

Top Volleyball Players - Men
Player profiles for some of the top male athletes in the sport of volleyball

Who is Donald Sun?
Donald Sun bought the AVP on April 2nd, 2012. He believes he can revive the perennially troubled tour and finally make it profitable. Being a tech executive has nothing to do with running a professional sports entity. But some of what he learned from his father, David Sun, the self-made billionaire and owner of Kingston Technology, could very...

Q & A with New AVP Owner Donald Sun
I sat down with Donald Sun just four days after he purchased the AVP from former owner Nick Lewin. Sun answers questions from readers about who he is, what he's done and what his plans are for the AVP.

2012 Pro Beach Volleyball Schedule
Check out the schedule and results from the 2012 Pro Beach Volleyball season.

Foreign Players on the American Beach Tour
USAV Managing Director say that Brazilian Pedro Salgado is a wake up call for young Americans.

Reflections on the Hermosa Beach Open
Some reflections on the USAV/IMG Jose Cuervo Beach Championship Series Event in Hermosa Beach on Saturday September 24th.

American Beach Volleyball in 2011
As the summer of 2011 winds to a close, it is time to take stock of what transpired in what was arguably the strangest summer in recent memory for the sport of beach volleyball in the United States. So as we look ahead to 2012, here’s a brief overview of what went right and what went wrong.

2011 Pro Beach Volleyball Composite Schedule
Check out the 2011 schedule and results for domestic and international pro beach volleyball including tournaments held by FIVB, USAV, National Volleyball League (NVL), and Corona Light Wide Open (CLWO).

Hans Stolfus and The New AVP
Hans Stolfus, one of the AVP's most outspoken critics is now running the Tour's media arm. After months of silence, Stolfus speaks about how the AVP's May 15th re-launch came about and clears up some misconceptions about the AVP's intent.

Is the PBVA Good or Bad for Beach Volleyball? - What Do You Think of the PBVA?
Now that you've read all about the PBVA's plans for next summer, let us know what you think? Is a players association good or bad for the sport of beach volleyball?

AVP's New Teams
The AVP is back in action and 2010 brings some new partnerships that could make an immediate impact. Check out the new teams.

Phil Dalhausser
Profile for Phil Dalhausser, AVP Beach volleyball player.

Todd Rogers
Profile for Todd Rogers, Pro Beach volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist.

Misty May
Profile for Misty May, AVP Beach volleyball player.

Kerri Walsh
Profile for Kerri Walsh, AVP Beach volleyball player.

AVP Beach Volleyball Schedule and Results 2010
Beach Volleyball AVP - The AVP Tour's stops for 2010 and the list of winners.

Q & A with the AVP's Tyra Turner
Tyra Turner discusses her beginnings, her partnerships and the future of the AVP.

How Tyra Turner Found Success in the AVP
Tyra Turner climbed the ranks in the AVP by working hard and dedicating herself to the sport. Here are five things she says are key for anyone who wants to do the same.

Tyra Turner
Profile for Tyra Turner, AVP Beach volleyball player.

Career Win Leaders - Women
A list of the players with the most all-time wins.

Career Win Leaders - Men
A list of the players with the most all-time wins

2009 AVP Tour Schedule and Results
The AVP Tour's stops for 2009 and the list of winners.

AVP Undergoes Shake Up for 2009 Season
Lots of changes are afoot for the AVP Tour this season. The jury is out on what they'll mean for the league's future.

Is the Summer Over for the AVP Tour?
The AVP announced that it needs new sponsors in order to finish out the season. If they can't raise the funds, the Long Beach event may have been the league's last.

How Can the AVP Turn Things Around?
The AVP is struggling financially and it needs your help. What would you do to put the league in the black if you were the CEO?

FIVB Announces New Olympic Beach Volleyball Qualification System
The FIVB announced that it will change the Olympic Beach Volleyball qualification system from individual berths to National Federation berths.

Q & A With Todd Rogers
A one on one interview with The Professor, Todd Rogers in the wake of the collapse of the AVP Tour. Rogers talks about the end of the tour, what he thinks needs to be done and the boycott of the Manhattan Beach tournament.

Enter the PBVA
Now that the AVP is no more, an opportunity has emerged for the players to take back their rights and change the game for good.

Volleyball Mag's Top 35 Players Missing Notables
Volleyball Magazine published its list of the top 35 greatest players of all time. They seem to be missing few notable names. Who do you think should be on the list?

Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB)
The official website for international indoor and beach volleyball.

Pedro Salgado Vindicated in Drug-Test Fiasco
Pedro Salgado was falsely accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs. Now the lab that botched the test is under suspension. But will the price the lab pays be as steep as the one Salgado must live with?

Kerri Walsh Jennings Debuts in Long Beach World Series Cup
Kerri Walsh Jennings hit the court for the first time since the birth of her third child. Her debut in Long Beach at the World Series Cup only 15 weeks after giving birth is remarkable in many ways. But Kerri is not satisfied with her performance and after the match, she was her harshest critic.

American Pairs Perform Well at World Series
There’s so much to talk about from last weekend’s World Series of Beach Volleyball – the atmosphere, the return of international pro beach volleyball, Kerri Walsh Jennings back to the court, Summer Ross and Emily Day breaking though, the inaugural World Series Cup, the list goes on and on. But let’s not skip over the actual volleyball that was played in this tournament. Let’s start with the winners and losers.

Todd Rogers Mentors America's Next Dominant Big Man
Todd Rogers and Ryan Doherty placed ninth in the World Series of Beach Volleyball in Long Beach last weekend. It was their highest finish yet, but both players were disappointed in the way in which they lost the last match. Veteran Todd Rogers is hoping to do with Doherty what he did with Phil Dalhausser, mentoring and teaching him to be one of the most dominant big men in the game.

Summer Ross Hits the Big Stage in Long Beach
The World Series of Beach Volleyball featured many of the best names in beach volleyball, but it also provided an opportunity to see the American newcomers on the FIVB Tour play live – specifically Summer Ross and Ryan Doherty.

2013 World Series of Beach Volleyball
The inaugural World Series of Beach Volleyball took place in Long Beach, CA August 22-28, 2013. The event marked the first time that international pro beach volleyball has been played in the U.S. in ten years. Here's the info on winners and losers, Kerri Walsh Jennings domestic debut and other news from the event.

Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson
Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson are No. 1.

Jake and Casey Win in Santa Barbara
Jake and Casey won the Santa Barbara Open. Here, Casey speaks in the post-match interview.

Turning the Page, Turning the Corner
The summer of 2013 was an interesting one for the sport of beach volleyball. Is the sport on its way back and headed in the right direction?

Kerri Walsh Jennings
Kerri Walsh Jennings is the win leader among female beach volleyball players in America. As she makes her way toward the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she may enter a category all her own as she continues on without long-time partner Misty May-Treanor. Now with her new partner, April Ross, Kerri can stand alone as a four-time gold medalist should the two succeed in Brazil.

FIVB Beach 2013
The 2013 FIVB Pro Beach Volleyball Tour was the first glimpse that fans saw of all the new teams that paired up around the world. After the 2012 Olympics in London, beach volleyball pairs began to split and retire, leaving the remaining players to find new partners. The result was a new crop of teams vying for spots on their country's roster for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

2014 Beach Volleyball Schedule
The 2014 pro beach volleyball schedule is on the books and the FIVB, AVP and NVL have chosen their tentative tournament dates. Though there are likely to be changes to the existing dates, here's the schedule as it stands and results will be posted as the tournaments take place. Also check out the win leaders in both men's and women's pro beach tours on the international and domestic fronts.

NCAA Sand Volleyball
NCAA Sand Volleyball officially debuted in 2012 and since then has grown so quickly that it has been difficult to keep track. But in 2014 the sport reached the 40-team threshold it needed to be included as an official NCAA championship sport. Here's the history of how the sport began and how it grew in record time as well as what it means for developing players and the sport as a whole.

AVP Opens in St. Petersburg
The AVP opened its 2014 season in St. Petersburg, Florida last weekend and both finals went the distance as Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross defeated Lauren Fendrick and Brooke Sweat on the women's side and Brad Keenan and John Mayer defeated Casey Patterson and Jake Gibb on the men's side. Both matches went a full three sets.

Misty May Treanor Welcomes First Child
Misty May Treanor and her husband Matt announced the birth of their first child, a baby girl named Malia Barbara this week. The baby's middle name, Barbara, was chosen to honor of Misty's late mother who died of cancer in 2002.

Kerri and April Win Moscow Grand Slam
Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross may be stepping into their greatness as they put on quite a display at the Moscow Grand Slam. Phil Dalhausser and Sean Rosenthal might be on the upswing as well with their best performance in a while. Moscow was not so successful for the rest of the American teams, a few of whom were forced to take each other out in the playoffs. Take a look at how we fared.

Pro Beach: All-American Final Yields First Title for Hyden and Bourne
For the first time this season, there was an All-American gold medal final in an FIVB Grand Slam. But it wasn't the teams we were expecting. Neither of the teams competing for gold had ever been there before. It was the first time in FIVB history that two teams that had made the tournament through the qualification round had ever played each other in a Grand Slam final.

FIVB Beach: Double Gold for American Men and Women at Stavanger Grand Slam

Pro Beach: Hyden and Bourne Win First Domestic Tourney

FIVB Beach: Phil and Rosie Take Silver at The Hague
After a strong start to the season for the U.S. women, it is now the men who've been performing consistently and garnering top international finishes. American men have appeared in each of the last five men's grand slam finals and in two of those five both finalists were American pairs.

World Series of Beach Volleyball Begins in Long Beach
The second annual Asics World Series of Beach Volleyball is underway in Long Beach this week. Founder Leonard Armato will attempt to top what was an excellent event last year with even more great players and a music festival surrounding the event. This year, just about all of the top international players will be participating including the top 15 ranked women's teams and 13 of the top 15 on the men's side.

World Series Yields Two Golds and a Bronze For American Pairs
After a long, warm summer weekend in Long Beach, volleyball fans are recovering from what is starting to feel like a normal occurrence - awesome international beach volleyball on our own home soil. It's for real, the FIVB is going to continue to return to the States for a tournament that is becoming a So Cal favorite.

FIVB Beach: Brazilians Take Klagenfurt, Americans Struggle
After a week in Long Beach where the Americans dominated and the Brazilians struggled, the shoe was on the other foot just one week later in Klagenfurt. Last week, no Brazilian men made it past the quarterfinals and only one female pair made it past the Round of 16. Both No. 1 ranked American pairs were eliminated in their first playoff match and the rest of the American pairs struggled to get out of the early rounds of the playoffs. Brazil, on the other hand, won double gold and swept the medal stand on the women's side.

Pro Beach: August Brings Four Beach VB Events to U.S.
Pro Beach returns to the USA in August with four domestic tournaments on the schedule this month. The AVP will hold three of its seven total 2014 tournaments beginning with this weekend's event in Salt Lake City. The famed Manhattan Beach Open follows just one weekend later - August 14-17th. Then the AVP heads to Cincinnati at the end of the month. The AVP will have two final events in September to close 2014 - in Atlantic City and Huntington Beach.

Pro Beach: Kerri and April Continue to Roll, Jake and Casey Break Through
At the AVP's third of seven 2014 events it has been a tale of two genders as Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross continue to dominate on the women's side while the men's side is much more closely matched. Last weekend in Salt Lake City, Kerri and April steamrolled through the competition, once again not losing a single set on the way to victory while the men's side crowned it's third new title winner in as many tournaments and it's anybody's game heading into the famed Manhattan Beach Open this weekend.

Pro Beach: No. 1 Teams Win Manhattan Beach Open
The 55th annual Manhattan Beach Open concluded on Sunday and though the top-ranked American teams in the world on both the men's and women's side prevailed, it was a very different story for the two genders last weekend.

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