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Q & A with the AVP's Tyra Turner

Tyra Turner discusses her beginnings, her partnerships and the future of the AVP


When did you start playing volleyball?

I started so late, I was a softball player. I loved softball and volleyball caught on late for me. We didn’t have club or anything big, but the coach asked me to play and I tried it and it was super difficult and I fell in love with it. I played middle until I got to the national team in ’98.

I was a pitcher and a short stop and I had probably more scholarship offers in softball than I did in volleyball. But by the time I was a junior I knew when I started playing volleyball that that is what I wanted to do. I was much better technically at softball than I was at volleyball. I was in love with volleyball once I played it.

Did you dream of playing volleyball after college?

I thought that volleyball would just pay for my school and that was my number one goal was to get a scholarship and have my education paid for. I never thought while I was playing that I would do it as a professional athlete. I never thought about it. I had seen on Ft. Myers Beach the tour would come out but it was all men. Any year that I would watch it was only the guys so I didn’t even know that women played for a living.

What would you have done if you did not continue with volleyball?

I probably be working with fluency disorders, fluency or language, like a stutter. Speech language pathology is like fine motor skills for language. It is almost like physical therapy for language. People who have had a traumatic brain injury or they have an accident or hit their frontal lobe on something, they lose speech and language. You have to rehab speech and language as well. I still have to go to grad school.

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