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Free Ball Passing Drill


Free Ball Passing Drill
Free Ball Passing Drill

This is simple drill for a simple skill. Good free ball passing is imperative in volleyball. If an opponent gives you the opportunity for an easy point, you must take advantage of it. Make sure to continuously drill your players to make perfect free ball passes every time so that you can run your offense and score points.

In this drill, two passers are in at once. The coach bumps a free ball over to the players. They must call the ball loudly and pass it to the target at the net. The coach determines whether the pass was perfect or not.

The passer follows the ball and becomes the next target. The target catches the pass, returns it to the coach and then gets in line to pass.

Coaches can run this drill to a certain number of perfect passes or can work until the team gets a certain number of perfect passes in a row. This puts pressure on the players to make the perfect pass as an imperfect one returns the count to zero.

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