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Understanding Volleyball Rotation


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Locations on the Court
Volleyball Positions
Andrew St. Clair

In traditional indoor volleyball, there are six players on the court at a time for each team. Each of these players starts in a specific location which is aptly named by its placement on the court. The front row players are the left front, middle front and right front. The back row players are the left back, middle back and right back.

These locations are not to be confused with the position you play -- setter, middle blocker, outside hitter, opposite or libero. The locations are your starting positions, meaning that is where you start before the ball is served. Each player, with the exception of the libero will rotate to each position on the court, both front row and back row.

Front row players play at the net and are responsible for blocking and hitting, while back row players play deep in the court and are responsible for digging and defense. Back row players (with the exception of the libero) can attack the ball as long as they take off for their jump behind the ten foot line.

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