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How to Execute the Fundamental Skills of Volleyball

Wondering how to set a volleyball without getting called for a lift? Need to know the correct form for hitting and blocking? Want to learn how to control the ball before it controls you? Read on.

Common Mistakes When Running the One Set
The one set is the first quick set most new players learn. It can be very difficult to master as there are many moving parts that you have to assess in order to execute it correctly. After spending some time with a 15's junior team, here are some observations regarding the most common mistakes when running the one.

All About Volleyball Blocking
Blocking is a skill that will help your team to score points. A stuff block is an instant point, but you can also help your defense by slowing down the opponent's attack and making it an easy play for your side. Here is more info on blocking and how to succeed at it.

Call the Ball!
On-court communication is a very simple concept that has incredible importance at any level. But there is more to it than just yelling out. Make sure you know how to determine who the best person is to take the ball and how to make your call clear to your teammates.

How to Read the Hitter
Once you understand how to set the block to increase your chances of getting the stuff block, you should begin to pay attention to the clues the hitter will give you regarding where he will hit the ball.

Volleyball Tips - Volleyball Tip: Penetrate on the Block
The difference between a block and a stuff block lies in the arm position. Make some slight adjustments and you can shut down your opponent and score points with your block.

Volleyball Tip: Better the Ball
Each and every time you contact the volleyball, your goal should be to make it the best possible contact you can muster. Bettering the ball means to do your absolute best to put the ball in a good position for your teammate no matter how bad the previous contact.

Cover Your Hitter
Learn how to cover your hitter to protect against your opponent's block.

All About Serving
How to Serve - Floater, Jump Serve, Topspin

Stay On Your Toes
In volleyball, you have to be ready to move quickly and sometimes to unexpected places. The key is to keep your weight forward.

Five Ways to Become A Better Hitter
You can be a great hitter if you work at it. Here are some suggestions to help you get there.

How to Serve with Top Spin
The steps required to put top spin on your serve.

How to Serve a Floater
The steps reuired to serve a floater

How to Jump Serve
Learn the steps required to execute the jump serve.

How to Read the Setter
In order to get a jump on the set and set up in front of the correct hitter on time, you need to give yourself a head start by knowing where the setter is going.

How to Dig a Volleyball
Keeping the ball off the floor is a major key to your success. Learn how to keep the play alive.

How to Set a Volleyball
How to set an attacker in volleyball

Types of Serves
There are three main types of serves in volleyball. Try them all to find out which one suits you best. If you can master them all, it works to your benefit because you easily change up on your opponent and give them a serve they're not expecting.

When NOT to Miss a Serve
There are three times during a game when you have to make sure your serve is in the court. NEVER miss at one of these times.

How to Serve a Volleyball Overhand
The overhand serve is a good place to start when learning to play volleyball. Learn to perfect your form with lots and lots of practice.

How to Block
Basic blocking is all about positioning. Learn the correct footwork to get yourself in front of the hitter and the appropriate arm and hand position to block the ball right back at your opponent.

How to Hit a Volleyball
Learn to execute the most exciting play in the sport of volleyball. It takes a good deal of hand-eye coordination, but once you master the approach and arm swing, you can begin to take on the task of timing your approach so that you contact the ball at the top of your reach and the top of your jump.

How to Pass Underhand
Passing is the key to a good offense and the team that does it well is tough to beat. Learn the keys to a good passing platform and body position so that you can pass the ball with accuracy.

Using the Soft Block
Sometimes your best course of action is not to go for the stuff block, but to try a soft block and earn your team a chance to score a point.

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