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Call the Ball!

On-Court Communication is Key


Call the Ball!
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One of the simplest concepts in volleyball as in most team sports is player-to-player communication. During a rally,there should be constant chatter between teammates. Watch the highest levels of indoor volleyball and pay attention to how much they talk to each other. It is a constant. Watch how quickly things break down when communication is absent.

It happens at every level, from juniors to the pros. A ball that could be easily played hits the floor or is played badly. The reason is simple: a lack of communication. It is never acceptable for two players to run into one another in pursuit of a ball when there is always a best person to handle each play.

Whether you’re a passer in serve receive or your team is chasing down a ball out of system, it is imperative that each player on the court announce clearly what they plan to do. Easy, right? So why does team communication break down so often? One reason – laziness.

There is more to on-court communication than just who happens to be closest. Here are some tips about deciding who should take the ball and communicating well with your teammates.

  1. Whose Ball Is It?
  2. How to Effectively Call the Ball
  3. Make a Strong Move

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