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How to Effectively Call the Ball

Make Sure You Call Loudly and Clearly


Miscommunications occur when no one calls the ball and also when a player makes a weak call for the ball. If you know you can make a good play, call the ball with a quick short yell and do it loudly – we’re talking outdoor voice here – so that any player nearby knows you’ve got it and can then get in position for the next contact.

Using short words or phrases that are easily heard and understood by teammates are the best. In volleyball, you can call the ball in any number of ways. The most popular are “I go,” “I got it,” “Mine,” or “Me.”

Make the decision as early as possible so that you can make the good, loud call and avoid any confusion. As an added measure if there is time, sometimes a player will also make a large movement with his hands to make sure the message is sent. Only do this if there is ample time to get into the proper position to make the play.

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