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Common Mistakes When Running the One Set

A Few Things to Avoid


The one set is the first quick set that junior players learn when they start to execute more sophisticated offenses. It is a low and quick set to the middle hitter who takes off just in front of the setter. When you move from the high two set in the middle to running a quick set, there are a few common problems that arise. Most of the problems center around timing, position and court sense. It takes time to develop a rhythm with a setter and to figure out how to have the perfect timing. Practice makes perfect, but make sure to avoid the following mistakes when teaching or learning how to run the one.

1. Not Paying Attention to the Pass

The first mistake that young players make is going to the same spot every time when getting into their approach. Running a quick set like the one is not an exact science. You can't just run to where the ball should be under perfect conditions. The truth is that the pass could be anywhere. In order to run a good one set, especially for beginners, the pass needs to be almost perfect. That means it should be at the net on top of the setter's head. The middle hitter has to quickly determine whether the pass is first of all good enough to run the one. If she decides that it is not, she needs to call out loudly the set that she would rather hit. The hitter should scream "TWO!" (or the number of whatever set she wants to hit) at the top of her lungs so the setter knows that the play is off and doesn't set the one without a hitter to take a swing. If the middle hitter determines that the pass is good enough to run the one, her work is still not done. She needs to be in good position on her take off and in the same relation to the setter no matter where the ball ends up. If the pass is a little in front or behind the setter and the setter has to move, the hitter needs to adjust and get to the right spot for her take off so the setter can deliver the ball.

2. Too Late

The idea of a quick set is that it be indeed quick. This means that the hitter should ideally be taking off for her jump before the ball is set. This is one of the toughest things for new players to do. They are accustomed too seeing the set and then jumping to hit it. The quick sett is different. They must get into the air and be ready to swing should the setter deliver them the ball. It is the setter's responsibility to deliver the ball in the correct location for the hitter to swing at. As your setters and hitters get to know each other's tendencies, this will fall into place. But the first part of the puzzle is for the hitter to be in the air early.

3. Too Close

When hitting the one set, the hitter should make it as easy as possible for the setter to deliver the ball to her. When hitters take off too close to the net, it makes it nearly impossible for the setter to squeeze the ball in between the hitter and the blocker without setting it right over the net. Make sure that the hitter stays off the net so that she gives the setter room and she can see both the setter and the blocker in front of her. If the hitter broad jumps too much she makes things very difficult on the setter and she could end up in the net. Staying off the net also allows the hitter to see the block and make a good decision about where to direct the ball around the arms that may be in front of her.

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