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How to Execute the Volleyball Set

Volleyball Setting is a skill that requires a soft touch


How to Execute the Volleyball Set
UC Irvine

Volleyball setting is one of the most difficult skills to teach and takes a lot of practice to master. Unlike many of the skills in volleyball, setting requires a super soft touch.

The key is to keep the ball on your fingertips and not ever touch it with your palms or you will be called for a lift. The ball should always remain in motion throughout the entire set and should never be stopped in your hands at any point. The goal is to take the ball into your hands and release it without spin to your hitter.

  • Make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers touching each other at the tips
  • Place your triangle right above your forehead
  • Now separate your forefingers and thumb by an inch or two and cup your hands in the shape of the ball
  • When the ball is passed, move your feet quickly to get your forehead directly under the ball if possible
  • Face your hips and shoulders toward where you want the ball to go{li}Contact the ball on top of your forehead with only your fingertips, both hands touching the ball at the same time. Your arms and knees should be bent at the point of contact
  • Push through with your hands and arms, releasing the ball with straight arms
  • As you push with your arms push up with your legs to get more distance on your set
  • Follow through once the ball has left your hands so that the backs of your hands are facing each other

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