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Using the Soft Block

Give Your Team a Chance to Make a Good Play


Using the Soft Block
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There are three great ways to use the block to your team's advantage. The first is a stuff block, the second is to take line or angle away from the hitter and force them to hit directly at your defense and the third and most undervalued is the soft block.

Most of the time when a player goes up to block a hitter, they are going for the stuff block. Stuff blocks are great and they give you immediate points. Plus, let's be honest, stuff blocks feel great, they fire up your teammates and the crowd and it can demoralize your opponent.

But sometimes, it is unwise to go for the stuff block. Blockers have to be smart about the situation in which they find themselves. Are you in the best position to get the stuff block? If not, going for the stuff can make you into nothing more than a target for a tool.

In these cases, it is important to have another trick up your sleeve - the soft block. Instead of going for the instant point when you're out of position, you can make an assessment and determine that it might be better to simply slow the attack down and allow your team a better chance to dig the ball, get a good set and take a solid swing for a kill.

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