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2012 NCAA Regional Team Profiles - West Regional



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Michigan - 2012 National Semifinalist

Mark Rosen, 34th season

Rank at End of 2012 Regular Season
Not Ranked

2012 Regular Season Record

Class Breakdown
1 Senior
5 Juniors
1 Sophomore
7 Freshmen

Key Players
Lexi Erwin, 6'1" Junior OH
Jennifer Cross, 6’4” Junior MB
Molly Toon, 6'0" Junior OH

Big Wins

Beat Illinois 3-0
Beat Stanford 3-0

Beat Nebraska 3-2
Beat Minnesota 3-0
Beat Ohio State 3-1

Big Losses

Lost to Western Kentucky 2-3
Lost to Purdue 2-3
Lost to Nebraska 1-3

Lost to Minnesota 1-3
Lost to Wisconsin 0-3
Lost to Michigan State 0-3
Lost to Penn State 2-3
Lost to Purdue 0-3

Lost to Northwestern 1-3
Lost to Illinois 1-3

2011 Playoff Results
First Round: Beat Baylor 3-1
Second Round: Beat Stanford 3-1
Regional Semi-Final: Lost to Florida 0-3

Rank at End of 2011 Season
No. 22

2011 Regular Season Record

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