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Lloy Ball Unplugged


Lloy Ball is one of America's greatest setters of all time. He retired in 2012 after 16 years of Olympic and professional volleyball. He won a gold medal and 15 European Championships along the way. In this Q & A, Lloy talks candidly about his career on the USA Team, about what playing overseas was like, about life after sports and the future of volleyball.

1. Experience on the USA Team

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With a lengthy domestic and international career in which he won a gold medal in Beijing in 2008 and 15 European championships, Lloy Ball established himself as one of the best American setters ever. He retired in 2012 and here he talks about his career and his time with the national team.

2. What It's Really Like to Play Overseas

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Lloy discusses his experience playing overseas in Japan, Italy, Greece and Russia as well as what it was like raising kids all over the world.

3. The State and Future of Our Sport

Lloy explains why he believes volleyball is too complicated for American fans and why he is not optimistic about the sport's ability to thrive in the U.S. the way it has in other countries.

4. Retirement and Life After Volleyball

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Now back in his home state of Indiana, Lloy is enjoying retirement with his family. Here he talks about how he is handling retirement, what he plans to do from here on out and what he would like his legacy to be in the sport.
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