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Top 5 Things to Do to Get Recruited to Play College Volleyball

How to Top A Coach's Volleyball Recruiting List


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  1. Get Good Grades
    First and foremost, volleyball recuiting starts with good students. To get recruited to play in college and possibly earn a scholarship, you have to make the grade. Make sure you are taking your school work seriously because college coaches are not interested in slackers on the court or in the class room. Getting good grades shows that you have self-discipline, you are teachable, you are responsible and you strive for success. All of these things can translate to your play on the court. Make sure you are doing the very best you can in school. Take honors or AP courses whenever possible for extra points on your GPA. Take test prep courses and get good scores on your college entrance exams.

  2. Play Club Volleyball
    If you want to play in college, it is becoming more and more necessary to improve your skills by playing all year-round. Find a reputable club team in your area to join. Make sure they have a good coach and good college contacts. Playing club can be expensive though, so if your family can't afford the dues you can speak to the coaches to see if they offer any payment plans or alternatives in such cases. If the traditional clubs won't help you out, you may be able to find a club that has reduced rates or is completely free to join such as The Starlings.

  3. Qualify for Junior Olympics
    Make sure that your club team travels to Qualifiers for the Junior Olympics. Qualifiers take place every month in different parts of the country. Tons of college coaches attend JO's to watch those they've been tracking and to find new talent. If your team is unable to qualify for JO's, go to the Volleyball Festival in Reno or another tournament in your area where you know college coaches will be.

  4. Play in the Summer
    At each JO Qualifier there is a try out for USA Volleyball high performance teams. College coaches get a list of players who try out and many get on the radar this way. Those who make it will attend a two-week camp during the summer. USAV hand picks some of the players to compete all summer for youth national team or the junior national team which travels overseas for great competition against other countries.

    You can also seek out summer camps at your top choices of Universities. This is an easy way to meet the coaches and let them see first hand what you can do. While there have a good attitude, ask questions and do what the coaches , ask even if it is not the way you would do it on your club or high school team.

  5. Keep Options Open
    Do not set your sights just on the top programs. Make sure to email the head coach and first assistant at 25 Universities outside the Top 25 in the rankings. Let them know who you are where you play and that you are interested in their volleyball program. Be sure to check out Divisions I, II and III and include out-of-state schools to cover your bases.

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