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Are You Coachable?

A Little Humility Goes A Long Way


Are You Coachable?
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Whether you are just learning the sport or playing at the highest levels, you should always be striving to improve. While you can get better on your own by continuing to play and watch others, the most efficient method of improvement involves coaching.

A coach can provide that outside analysis of your form and your tendencies that can be difficult for you to recognize yourself. In order to benefit from that coach's knowledge you don't just need to have a coach, you need to be coachable.

Coachability is a trait that comes easier for some than for others. If you want to make a positive contribution to your team, heed the advice of your coaches. Those who are hoping to play volleyball in college should pay special attention to coachability. College coaches and recruiters will be watching you not only to see how well you play the game, but your temperament, your adaptability and how you respond to criticism.

If you're wondering if you're coachable, take a look at the three pillars of coachability and ask yourself if you are a coach's dream or a coach's nightmare.

The Ability to Listen
The Willingness to Try New Things
The Ability to Adapt to Change

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