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Coming In Off the Bench

Make an Immediate Impact for Your Team


Coming In Off the Bench
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It may not be the most glamorous job you can have on a volleyball court, but coming into the game off the bench is an essential role nonetheless. On a good day, your team's starters can carry the bulk of the load. But whether a starting player needs a break in a long match, or one goes down with an injury, or things just aren't going right on the floor, your coach will inevitably turn to the bench.

Your job as a substitute is to continue the level of play if your team is playing well or to raise it if you've lost the momentum. Your coach and your teammates are counting on you to help right the ship, so don't let them down. Here are some tips for being great off the bench.

1. Stay Warm
Just because you're technically on the bench, doesn't mean you have to literally be sitting down. Take every chance you get to move around. If possible, stand up at the end of the bench, do some running or jumping in place. Do sit-ups or push ups in between plays to keep your muscles loose. If your coach allows it, play pepper during time outs or hit a ball against a wall to keep your shoulder warm. Your coach will expect you to be ready to go at 100% right away. Staying warm at all times will greatly increase your chances of playing well from the moment you get the call.

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