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Develop Your Sand Legs

Learn How to Move and Jump in Sand


Develop Your Sand Legs
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When summer is near, many indoor players decide to head outside and try their hand at beach or sand volleyball. But the two sports have some major differences and being a good indoor player does not guarantee that you'll be a good sand player. The skills are mostly the same, but your ability to move to the ball in order to perform those skills has changed significantly.

Even the college stand outs and professional volleyball players have a period of adjustment when they move from indoor to outdoor volleyball. It can take a few weeks to truly get your sand legs, which means to move around and jump more easily in the sand.

When you first start playing on the sand, you will feel slow and heavy. Your normally ample vertical jump will decrease significantly. Every movement is difficult with a constantly changing surface under your feet. If you're playing doubles, you'll also have to move and jump a lot more than you would on your six-person team, so your endurance will likely be tested as well.

The key is to be patient and allow yourself some time to adapt to this new game. Learn how to move efficiently and save your energy for when you need it. After playing indoor volleyball all year long, it may take some time to be able to move effortlessly in the sand and get any kind of significant air on your vertical jump. So here are a few tips to keep in mind as you make the transition that will help you develop your sand legs.

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