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Outside Hitter on Defense


Starting Position
The outside hitter plays on the front left side of the court. As she rotates through the front row, she will move from middle front or right front to her spot on the left side once the serve crosses the net.

Play Development
The outside hitter has to make sure that she knows where all the hitters are before the ball is served. She watches the hitters move around the court and calls out the play as it develops to help the middle blocker follow the hitting patterns. The outside hitter then watches for the player who will hit on her side of the court and sets the block for the middle blocker. If the opponent's setter is in the front row, the outside hitter can help the middle blocker defend against the dump.

Setting the Block
Once the outside hitter sees the ball is set to her side of the court, she needs to set the block in the right position. She makes sure to take or give the line shot based on the coach's instructions and sets the block accordingly. She must set the block early so that the middle can see her and close to her instead of running her down and weakening the chances of a solid block. Then she needs to penetrate the net and go for the block.

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