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Make the Tough Play - Hitting

Learn to Handle the Three Toughest Balls to Hit


Make the Tough Play - Hitting
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  • As much as we would love to get a perfect set every time, our setters are not infallible and sometimes they give us a less than desirable ball to hit. It may not be their fault. The pass may have been terrible. Or maybe the setter couldn’t get to it and you’re getting the ball from another player who doesn’t have perfect placement.

    Either way, the ball is on its way to you and you have to do something with it. So you may as well do the best you can to keep it in play without giving a free ball to the other team. Three of the toughest sets to hit in volleyball are the tight set, the off-the-net set and the over the shoulder set. Here are some tips for handling each of them.

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