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Ron Von Hagen - Beach Legend


Ron Von Hagen - Beach Legend
Spike Boarts

Quick Info:

Height: 6'1"
College: UCLA, 1960
Surface: Sand

Early Career:

Ron Von Hagen had the physique of a Greek statue. He was one of the first players to incorporate weight training into his work outs and was considered to be in the best shape of any of his fellow players. Though he did not start playing volleyball until after he graduated from college, he was a four-sport athlete and picked it up quickly. He won his first open tournament in 1964 with partner Rand Carter.


Von Hagen joined forces with Ron Lang and they won their first of many tournaments together in 1966. Von Hagen and Lang went on to become one of the greatest partnerships in the history of beach volleyball. Together they won 22 tournaments, 15 of which occurred between 1966-1968. Von Hagen also won several tournaments with other partners including Tom Chamales (8), Henry Bergman (7), John Vallely (7) and Matt Gage (5).


Von Hagen set several records during his career, though many were later broken. He once had a stretch of 100 Open tournament in which he won 60 times, was second 23 times and took third seven times. He won his final tournament at 38 years old, which was the first time a player 38 or older had ever done so. He finished in the top three in 54 straight tournaments. Though most tournaments that he won offered no prize money, over the course of his career Von Hagen earned a total of $625 for his efforts.
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